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"It is a startling and moving achievement. Ida Does’ use of imagery is simply magnificient, bearing the hallmarks of a born filmmaker."

- Andre Bagoo (Pleasurette)

"This documentary has affected me so deeply, stunned me to silence like an uninterrupted horizon."

Dr. Lea Haynes
(Arc Magazine)

"This film is made with love. With Poety is an island Ida Does has made an impressive filmportrait."

- Prof. Dr. Michiel van Kempen
(Caribische Letteren)

"Something unique and special. This documentary breaks away from the standard formula."

- Jay Jones (globalindieseen.com)

"Does’ documentary is an honest portrayal of Walcott, his life and work."

- Sharif El Gammal-Ortiz
(Moko Magazine)

"The film is intriguing and thought provoking. A must see for all Saint Lucians and our Caribbean brothers and sisters."

- The St.Lucia Star

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