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"A very beautiful and gentle job."

- Derek Walcott -- September 21st, 2013 (Trinidad)

It was a feast! On September 21st. our documentary Poetry is an island, Derek Walcott,  world-premiered at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2013 in the presence of 83 year old Derek Walcott and his family.

Director Ida Does, and editor Camille Does, were also present in Port of Spain in a sold out MovieTowne Theater.After the screening there was an interesting Q&A session, in which Derek Walcott was involved.His reaction is caught on film . Take a look below.

The World Premiere  gained glamour and festive joy since the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Lucita MoenirAlam organized a cocktail party to honor Derek Walcott and Dutch Caribbean Filmmaker Ida Does.On the evening before the World Premiere, Derek Walcott , his family and Ida Does were special guests at the Ambassador’s Residence -The Holland House-, for an elegant dinner party.In a statement Ida Does said that she felt overwhelmed by all the positive attention the documentary got. “I feel humbled and blessed to be able to share some significant moments of poetry , excellence and love for the Caribbean in my own visual grammar.”




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